Los Angeles based designer, Amber Seagraves, brings her keen fashion sense to the home with Lasso Abode -- a sublime collection of Nordic, Boho and Western inspired home and gift accessories, launched in March of 2015.

Amber's extensive background in fashion design, having worked for iconic brands such as Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and Guess Jeans, has given her a refined sense of style that effortlessly translates over into home interior. She's taken her experience and crafted a line that she describes as "Nordic Roots with a Western Twang" - a luxurious yet casual melange of denim, suede and fringe. 

Amber currently resides in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles with her two kitties and little helpers, Lilou and Cassia. She also provides Interior Design services and takes on custom projects that convey her keen design sensibility. Amber enjoys designing and styling everything from cabin homes, to A-Frames, to desert getaways, adding her signature Western twang along the way.

All Lasso Abode items are designed and made locally in Los Angeles.  Each item is thoughtfully designed with purpose and sustainability, as we are mindful not to create too much excess waste, therefor we use all parts of the hide and any excess is designed into our small accessories.  All our leather is imported from Italy and sourced from a premier tannery based in Los Angeles.  Amber also enjoys working with upcycled denim, surplus and vintage goods which she incorporates thoughtfully into the collection as well.